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Carry Your Wallet Cards!

Emergency Wallet Cards
TIO provides all customers with a convenient Wallet Card case to ensure you always have them with you.

Every year, many travellers have medical emergencies and, upon arriving at the hospital or doctor office, have no idea what travel insurance they purchased. The medical provider needs to know if their client is insured or is going to pay out-of-pocket. If you do not have your wallet card with you, there is a good chance the medical provider will insist on putting a charge onto your credit card for some or all of the anticipated medical expenses.

You can avoid this problem by carrying your wallet card with you at all times. The card has the emergency phone number that must be called, the name of the travel insurance product you purchased, and your policy number. Once the medical provider calls and verifies the insurance is in force, you should not have to pay out-of-pocket at all.

Most travel insurance brokers provide you with one wallet card. Travel Insurance Office Inc. (TIO) provides its clients with additional wallet cards and recommends you keep one in your wallet and one by your bedside.

If you have a cell phone, take a picture of your wallet card for a back-up copy. Send the photo by email to yourself so you have a copy that can be retrieved from other devices such as a computer.

It is also a good idea to make a photocopy, or take a photo, of your wallet card and leave it with a family member while you are travelling.

Let TIO keep you and your families protected. Contact us, get a quick quote, or visit our product page to learn more about the number of travel insurance plans and types of coverage we have to offer. Travel insurance is as important as your passport.

Stay stress free with Travel Insurance Office Inc. (TIO).

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