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TIO Exclusive Product

Only available for travel within Canada while a travel advisory is in effect

Covers pre-existing medical conditions that have been stable in the 90 days prior to travel

$99 US deductible
(save up to 50% by selecting a higher deductible)

Retiree plans with $500,000 or more get $5 million in coverage beginning on your departure date when you top-up with 30 days or more of coverage



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TIO Exclusive Product + COVID-19 Coverage

Offers coverage for COVID-19 as an additional purchase

Additonal benefits included with your retiree plans 

Daily rates allow you to pay for the exact number of days you require

Some of the lowest rates in Canada for persons with pre-existing medical conditions such as Diabetes, Cancer, Gastrointestinal issues and some lung conditions

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COVID-19 Coverage

Annual Plan Special: Get 15 months of coverage for the price of 12 months = a 25% value!

Offers Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance, as well as, Baggage Coverage

Offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions that have been stable 7 days prior to travel

Some of the lowest rates for persons age 40 and under

Includes TuGo 'MyFlyt' which offers the choice of an airport lounge pass or cash payout when your flight is delayed by 2 or more hours



COVID-19 Coverage

You may travel, even while there is a travel advisory in effect and have full coverage for COVID-19

Blue Cross is available in Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces

Excellent coverage for persons with multiple pre-existing conditions that are stable in the 6 months prior to travel

Includes 'Serenity Service,' which provides a range of benefits if your flight is delayed, including compensation or free access to an airport lounge or a hotel room for long delays

Blue Cross

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