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All rates lower than last year!

Early Bird Discounts

SAVE 15%

SAVE 10%


Lock-in Discount & Rates with a fully refundable $50 deposit by September 30

Our Travel Insurance Products

We offer a number of excellent products (two exclusive to TIO), which provide world-wide coverage, competitive rates, deluxe benefits, specialty coverage options. All policies include a minimum of $5 million coverage, per person, for medical emergencies at no extra cost.

Travellers Choice (no background).png

Our Travel Insurance Plans

Beach Waves

Customer Service

  1. Access to live agents: 
    No phone menus or buttons to press - you simply speak with a live agent!


  2. No administration fees or service charges:
    You will never pay extra for our services.


  3. Guaranteed same-day service: 
    All documentation is mailed the same day we get your application.


  4. Safe, secure, user-friendly website: 
    Get a quote, make a deposit/purchase, download documents, and more!

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Why Choose TIO?

Best Refund Policy in Canada

  1. 'No Questions Asked' policy
    Cancel for any reason prior to travel and get a full refund.


  2. Full refund for any unused days:
    If you are claims-free, you will get a full refund for any unused days of coverage.


  3. No minimum refunds:
    There are no limitations on refunds, you get every penny back - even just one day!

Experts in Our Industry

  1. Longevity: Over the past 30 years, we have insured hundreds of thousands of travelling Canadians.

  2. Experience: Our agents are licensed, meticulously trained, and have up to 30 years of experience helping travellers

  3. Choice:
    We offer a range of products including our two exclusive products, Travellers Choice & T.I.M.E


  4. Benefits:
    Our products offer deluxe coverage & benefits not found in some “snowbird” plans.

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