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*Traveller’s Choice is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. This website highlights certain features of the Travel Insurance available to you from Travel Insurance Office Inc. For complete coverage details, please review the terms and conditions of your policy.

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Travellers Choice Medical Insurance

Travel Insurance Office Inc. (TIO) Exclusive Product

NEW! Fall Discount

Save up to 25% until December 22nd, 2021
Ages 00-75 → Save 20% 
Ages 76-89 → Save 25% 


Make a fully refundable $50 deposit (per trip) to lock in the Fall Discount and rates. Completed application & balance due 2 weeks prior to travel.

Includes $5 million in coverage (per person) for COVID-19 medical emergencies even while a travel advisory is in effect

Risk Free: Cancel for any reason prior to travel a get a full refund

Travellers Choice provides out of province coverage within Canada, where travel is permitted.

$99 US deductible (save up to 50% by selecting a higher deductible)

Pre-exisiting conditions covered if stable 90 days prior to travel

Some of the lowest rates in Canada for persons in excellent health and persons age 75 and over.

Retiree plans with $500,000 or more get $5 million in coverage beginning on your departure date when you top-up with 30 days or more of coverage