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Travel Insurance Made Easy

There is no coverage for COVID-19 when there is a travel advisory in effect unless you purchase additional coverage. Contact us for a quote.

Travel Insurance Office Inc. (TIO) Exclusive Product

Early Bird Discount - Save 15%

Lock-in your discount by making a fully refundable $50 deposit per trip by March 31, 2021

The balance is due 2 weeks prior to travel

Risk Free: Cancel for any reason prior to travel a get a full refund

Some of the lowest rates in Canada for persons with pre-existing medical conditions
such as Diabetes, Cancer, Gastrointestinal issues and some lung conditions

Daily rates allow you to pay for the exact number of days you require

Retiree plans with limited lifetime maximums protected up to $250,000

Retiree plans with $500,000 or more get $5 million in coverage beginning on your departure date when you top-up with 30 days or more of coverage

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Ontario: 1‐800‐550‐1295

Western Canada: 1‐888‐550‐1295

Atlantic Canada: 1‐877‐550‐1295
Quebec: 1-844-500-2947

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