Family Travel Insurance - Kids are Free!

If you’re planning a family trip out of Canada, you need to buy travel medical insurance for the whole family. A “Family Plan” makes sense because your children are insured for free!

Everyday is a holiday when you're spending it with family

Here’s how a Family Plan works:

  • Two parents, both age 59 or under, buy travel medical insurance for themselves. A Family Plan will cover all of their dependent children that are at least 15 days old and no more than 21 years old. The children must be financially dependent on the parents and cannot be married.

  • Some Family Plans will cover full-time students up to and including age 25.

  • Most Family Plans do not have any age limits for children that are mentally or physically handicapped.

  • Some Family Plans will cover a parent and a “related family member”, if both persons are age 59 or under. The “related family member” can be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, legal guardian, step-parent, step-child, step-brother, step-sister, in-law, or ward.

If you’re a single parent age 59 or under, or, if you or your spouse is age 60 or over, the parent age 59 or under would have to pay double their required premium. The parent age 60 or over would have to buy a separate policy.

If one or more family members have health issues, a Family Plan will cover them as long as their condition is stable in the 7 days prior to travel.

Travel insurance is also important for travel to other provinces within Canada. Your government health insurance plan covers most emergency expenses incurred in other provinces but it does not cover everything. For example, ambulance costs are not covered. A Family Plan will cover this cost and any other emergency-related medical expense you incur in other provinces in Canada that is not covered by your government health insurance plan.

Travel Insurance Office Inc. offers a wide range of products with Family Plans so call today for a quote or visit us online.

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Are You A Single Parent Travelling With Your Children?

Or, Are You A Grandparent Travelling With Your Grandchildren?

Sadly, Customs Officials are on guard for children being abducted by a parent or grandparent. To prevent any issues or delays at the border, if you’re travelling with children (or grandchildren), you should carry a letter from your spouse or legal guardian (or from the parents if you’re the grandparents) that gives you permission to take the children out of the country.

If the spouse, legal guardian, or parent is deceased you may want to carry a copy of the death certificate.

There is a form letter you can download to complete and carry with you while travelling.

The link is:


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